The Concept

The physical evolution of mankind came to a halt around 25,000 years ago. What this signifies is that if it were possible to go back in time and bring back a person of that era to today’s world, sooner or later this person could learn our language, go to the moon, cook our meals, build a skyscraper.
In fact the brain was already programmed from back then for every modern human achievement.
There is however another evolution that is not much talked about and even less so given any importance by the “institutions”: the evolution of the consciousness.
It is in our consciousness and not in our brain that we cultivate all those qualities that signify the beauty of the human being: love, compassion, truthfulness, empathy, curiosity, intelligence, creativity…

As human beings we can no longer expect to evolve physically, but we have all the opportunity to evolve in consciousness.
Every day we create new stories to "recite"; some are certainly better than others, but the best decision we can make is to go beyond our small or big stories because, they are the traps that make us always repeat the same thoughts, beliefs, habits.
Stories certainly fascinate us, each of us recites our own and we proudly believe it. My story (my film) defines me as being limited and separated from others through my own ego; in fact the more the same story is repeated, the more it is strengthened and ends up being permanently part of ourselves. For example, I am a woman, a mother, an artist, a former teacher now in retirement. If I remove all the scripts, the layers, what's left?
If all these scripts and layers are taken away, what will remain?

I still exist, without all these levels. The Being remains. The Consciousness remains unlimited, always present awareness (Presence Aware).

Our life is a series of images on the screen that come and go, but we are the screen (the consciousness that doesn’t change) that makes all experiences possible.
Living at a level of pure consciousness and of pure being is the most creative way in which we can live.

Considering all this, with my REFLECTION I want to remind, first of all to myself and to all those who would like to visit my exhibit and installation, that who we really are: something much more vast than our little or great stories.

Because we certainly “live in interesting times”, but now it is up to us to make them truly interesting.

Be Love

Biennale d'Arte 2019
Padiglione della Repubblica di San Marino
Complesso dell'Ospedaletto Barbaria de le Tole, Castello 6691
Venezia (VE) - 09.05 - 24.11

The works

REFLECTION is a visual reflection on the question "who am I?"
REFLECTION because it reflects who is in front of the work, like a mirror that reflects everything and transcends everything.

These small works, enclosed in golden section, are triptychs whose parts are outlined from three colors: black, white, blue.
The paintings are in plexiglas, material chosen for its reflective characteristic. They are built with the golden proportion, maximum size 50x 80 cm, and are divided into five square sections: the largest surface of each painting is occupied by a color that also gives the title to the work.
They are triptychs in a trilogy of the three colors that represent awareness.
I have also broken down the golden sections and I enjoyed, with one color at a time, creating smaller paintings (sub-multiples) this time in a square shape.

Black is the screen of every television, computer and smartphone that when turned off are black and reflective just like a mirror, while turned on they have such a strong impact on our lives. Black is also the Big Nothing, full of silence, love and joy. Here, used as a metaphor, it is the mirror that reflects everything without judgment, without identification with what it reflects.

White is the screen on which the images of the film are projected. We like to identify ourselves with film stories without thinking and forgetting that they are only images that pass on the screen. This metaphor reminds us that we are the vast and immutable screen (Awareness) and not the images with which we identify ourselves.

Blue, like white, here represents what we really are, pure awareness. Here the sky represents the awareness and the clouds, the thoughts that pass. The game or more precisely the meditation is to observe the vastness of the sky and the thoughts that come and go like clouds without identifying with them.