The title of this art piece is the outcome, on one hand, of the sympathy I have with syllable OM and with the word hOMe (performance delivered together with the artist Michela Pozzi) and, on the other hand, of the desire to play with the word “age”, complex topic, shared challenge of everyone’s human experience.

It’s an HOMAGE to the topic of “encounter” as an opportunity to identify our own self through the other.

It’s an HOMAGE to the Chinese people and its traditions,
in HOM-AGE n.1, Chinese woman and Chinese man. (China on rice paper, 100x 200 cm)

All the material used for these two art pieces was acquired in China: the ink, the brushes and the canvas, which is made out of rice paper, packaged in the traditional way by an ancient Chinese man. Performances have been part of my art ever since I started. The performance related to this project was delivered in Changchun, China, in 2011, during a sculpture symposium I was invited to. In the performance a woman and a man, a Chinese couple wearing traditional clothes are standing in front of the rice paper canvas and are illuminated by a spotlight. I then quickly fix their shadows on the canvas by using a pencil. The pieces where completed in San Marino.
This work is part of a larger project called thedarksideofthelight. It consists of a wide series of portraits realized with the interaction of light and shade, in San Marino and in other nations.

HOM-AGE n.0 - HOM-AGE n.00


Biennale d'Arte 2017
Padiglione della Repubblica di San Marino
Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli
Venezia (VE) - 04.07 - 01.10

The inspiration of this project came from the metaphor of the screen and the cinematographic “film”, used to address the eternal question: “who am I?”... We normally identify with the images of the film, while forgetting that we actually are the screen where the film is projected, white, immobile, immutable, eternal.
I casted the reflection of light of the person standing in between the projector and the canvas, quickly capturing the silhouette on the canvas and filling it with signs and graffiti that create a graphic weave “vibrating with the light”.

A game of light within and without our selves through the complementarity of the shade.

Light as a physical element, as a tool to shape art pieces, and “Light” as a metaphor of spirituality, divine spark, inner energy.

Only light exists and we know it through the colors and the shade.

HOM-AGE n.0 and HOM-AGE n.00 are recent artworks, produced on the occasion of the Biennale and the FRIENDSHIP PROJECT 2017. The technique used is chinese ink, the same as in HOM-AGE n. 1. However, this time it is on paper for scenogrphy, size 100x200cm.  A friend and my son helped me transfer my shadow to the paper, on both front and rear side. Then I had fun interpreting the drawings of the meridians from the chinese medical boards by drawing with more linear strokes the strongest part of my body and with more ondular strokes the weakest and shaky part. 

This artwork is an HOMMAGE to the culture and traditional medicine of China.