Where everything is light, shadows are merely reflections.
The dark part of light is defined in its contours travelled by numerous brush strokes as infinite as waves..

Even the icon which Thea Tini has chosen as her entry in the Venice Art Biennial is a full reflection of light. The Regency—which is always a plurality in San Marino—is a metaphor of transparency and participation: It is light in action in Illumi-NATIONS, to paraphrase the titles of San Marino’s pavilion and the general title of the 54th edition of the Biennial. The profiles of two extras—who for one day have put on the ceremonial dress of San Marino’s highest magistrature—are crossed by waves of writing, recalling a sense of belonging to the land, a noble feeling which is typical of whoever was born or lives in the most ancient republic in the world.

Antonio Prenna (journalist)

Light, shadow, and in the foreground the canvas impressed with the reflections of those who are standing before a source of light. Iridescent radiation is a physical element, an instrument which gives a work its form and molds matter. Light and shadow are a synthesis which finds its substance in a dimension that passes over tangible essence in a transcendent metaphor recalling the spirit and divine intuition. Thus the silhouettes of the Captains Regent reveal themselves on the canvas. The strokes which make up the two figures are filled in and take shape through the RSM emblem, which binds and vibrates in the fabric of the image thanks to and by the grace of Light.
An emotionally sensitive homage, which escapes rhetorical logic because it is capable of going beyond the subjectivity of individuals to embrace that yearning for liberty which the Republic of San Marino has always represented.
The artist's technique is also woven into the general context, as her charcoal pencil further recalls light through the photosynthesis of the plant which coal comes from.
"Captains Regent" is a work within the work in progress "thedarksideofthelight", started in 2010.
Darkness, color, reflection, illumination, expressive synthesis of "Light in Action".

Fabio Cavallari (writer)

Capitani Reggenti

Biennale d'Arte 2011
Padiglione della Repubblica di San Marino
Palazzo Riva del Vin
Venezia (VE) - 04.06 - 27.11