Italian poet, narrator, and essayist Giovanni Papini (1881-1956) used to say: "Art is the stairway to God." Which God? God mystery of the world? Or God this beautiful White Light which pulsates continuously, giving off the vibrations and energy of love, joy, life, and warmth through a spiral of colors, visible and invisible, which pervade everything that exists in nature and the universe?
Sri Aurobindo, born in 1872 of an influential Indian family and one of the greatest yogis and thinkers in India, observed: "What is the physical reality that we live and believe in day by day? Simple: nothing but a mass of steady light."
Everything in existence, decaying and regenerating eternally, is born of and returns to this Light/God. As the Holy Scriptures tell us, God created man in His Own image and likeness and, thus, man is composed of God's same energies. However, trapped in an anthropomorphic and anthropocentric vision, man has interpreted this resemblance in terms of his physical body, while the Scriptures refer to our divine essence.
Sometimes it is surprising to observe how an artist, as the most intimate expression of this Light/God, acquires the power to create the reality of new worlds through her own imagination and subconscious mind. Thus, she is able to act as a sort of intermediary or link between humans and the highest beings in other dimensions.
Yet, this extension of her sensibility might not be as problematic as it seems, if it is observed under the banner of art's light.
In fact, by observing the different shades in Thea Tini's paintings (watercolors on canvas), through a play of light and shade one can feel the profound yearning which characterizes all the various "Marco Polos of the Spirit" alternating in this kind of adventure. That is, a field placed beyond space and time is composed of a multi-colored infinity of vibrations.
Artists, true artists, always perceive these vibrations obscurely hidden within themselves and, yet, feel they must put them in a bright light. Today these vibrations finally find an explanation in matter's chameleonic ability to transform, according to the apparent particle/wave duality theorized by modern quantum physics.
This is why Thea Tini's works convince us once more that the majority of human beings have a mental shield which prevents them from seeing beyond the veil of matter (veil of Maya). However, by learning to search beyond that veil, as artists show us with their "organicistic touches", one discovers that everything is made up of luminous vibrations in different intensities and that everything in the world and cosmos which seems like an ecological Sahara is really alive.
This is demonstrated today by the phenomenon of the particle/event (mnemin) or the particle/process. This reality has always been maintained by Eastern mysticism and is accepted today in the Western world, which has discovered that matter–made up entirely of intelligent vibrations, as even PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology) recognizes–is characterized by a certain degree of "Consciousness".
For millennia it was thought, on the contrary, that solid matter was made up of atoms like static objects and that the atoms were the inert bricks of the Universe. Suddenly–by virtue of scientific intuition, which is supported by quantum physics and confirmed by artistic intuition– we discover that these presumed units of material substance are instead particles/a process. They have been inserted into a flux of vital current, called consciousness, which rises, falls, concentrates, and dissolves eternally without ever stopping or dwelling in any of its states.
Nihil sub sole novi. Eastern mystics have recognized this consciousness for millennia.
In fact, D.T. Sutzuki observes: "Eastern mystics conceive the object as an event and not as a thing or matter."
And who, then, is better able than the artist to feel and pass on in depth this whole range of convictions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings constantly in a state of becoming? It is a gift of life that today there are artists who are able to communicate this new perception, free us from our somnambulant habit of fragmentation, and make us live a bit further inside this "shared" field of energetic consciousness (entanglement), where we are all immersed in a process of indissoluble symbiosis.


"43° 56' 11,77" Nord
Mondi da fare

Biennale d'Arte 2009
Padiglione della Repubblica di San Marino
Isola di San Servolo
Venezia (VE) - 07.06 - 22.11

Understanding everything about the wholeness of reality expressed in Thea's paintings makes us aware of the arbitrariness of our human mind. We are always trying to divide, break up, pulverize, fragment, and atomize the only, whole, uncorrupted, and uninterrupted reality which we think develops in a giant astronomical universe of "potsherds". This drama deludes us and is even reflected in our lives, which are broken, isolated, and divided by our way of living everydayness. However, by looking at all the shades of color in her paintings, one understands how each color "degrades" continuously without a demarcation line dividing and separating it from other colors or bridling it within boundaries or limits. Here the micro and macro of forms are blended into a sole, non-local dimension, which arouses a sensation of infinity in the observer. This, above all, is the beauty of the message contained in her work. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, "Beauty will save the world." Beauty will save the world because one of the most important things learned from viewing this series of the painter's works is that the magnificent fields of energy and light, which are reflected in her, show how all things in Nature and the Universe are fundamentally interconnected and complete. The Universe, in each of its "parts", is ONE. The Whole is not broken up or disconnected, as we believe, into an immeasurable myriad of isolated pieces. On the contrary, each of its parts reflects its Intactness. As quantum physics explains, every "part" of "something" contains every constituent of that thing. This correlates perfectly with the Eastern Holistic vision, in which Existence is an immense, infinite OLOMEROS (olos = 'everything', meros = 'part'). In this conception the Wave is the Ocean and each is the other.
Science and Art have always walked hand in hand along this journey. Or rather, most of the time the intuitions of Art have preceded the deductions of Science. However, it is only a matter of transpositions of consciousness. The fact remains that one day nothing will prevent us any longer from experiencing the intensity of the consciousness that we are all one, that we are this total communion (common-union) with the environment (ecosystem) and the Universe, relishing the pleasure of this indissoluble consanguinity which bonds us to all things. This blood relationship shines through in all of Thea Tini's paintings by means of the expression and charm of her artistic constructions. One day we will know more about the happiness we can attain through the perception of these more subtle fields of energy, these unambiguous frequencies of color which are the norm in the astral dimension, in that sphere of existence called "Love". The height of art is expressing stillness through movement. It is identifying the inner cosmos with the outer Universe. It is giving life to a "participatory" universe, where the observer and the observed are one. Even more, art gives us an idea of how "identitary" the connection between the painting, the painter, and its observer is when they are involved in the event and in the reciprocal action (quantum hologram). It makes us live the experience of the Absolute passed on by the work, so that we can travel throughout the piece. We can renounce the finite for the infinite with our hearts and minds open, as Thea's beautiful images suggest in symbols very similar to those of William Blake's wonderful quatrains:

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

There is no doubt that when human beings grasp the sense of these sublime words, they illuminate the earth. And Thea Tini's art, which I'd define as quantistically "transfigurative", renders this idea very well. The matrix of the world runs and flows toward ONEness, to the point that it can truly be considered cosmically whole, or rather very close to this outcome.

Vittorio Marchi (quantum physicist)